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Bob Holston Bob Holston   Director of Operations
Dive Key West Inc.

“Bob has been actively teaching SCUBA for 29 years. He currently holds Instructor ratings with NASDS, NAUI, SSI, and DAN O2. Some highlights of Bobís career: Bob was a member of the TEKTITE I Team, a 60 day manned habitat involving the U.S. Navy, NASA, and NOAA. He has worked with and served as a consultant with the U.S. Marshal Special Ops Team, U.S.C.G. National Strike Force Dive Team, U.S. Army Special Forces, U.S. Navy Seals, U.S.A.F. Combat Control Teams, City of Key West Police and Fire Departments….”

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  Cecelia Roycraft Cecelia Roycraft   President
Dive Key West Inc.

  Captain Chris Norwood Captain Chris Norwood   President
Artificial Reefs of the Keys

“Chris is a captain, scuba instructor and charter operator. A long time Keys resident, he has been involved in the Vandenberg project for several years and joined the board in 2003.”
  Sheri Lohr Sheri Lohr   Founding Board Member
Artificial Reefs of the Keys

“Sheri has been associated with the Vandenberg project since 1998. Former Dive shop owner, captain, and scuba instructor, Sheri is involved with many civic organizations and is committed to the value of the Vandenberg for environmental, educational and economic goals for Key West. She is the project historian, and hopes to create a permanent museum display to preserve the history of the ship, her crew and passengers.”
  Bob Smith Bob Smith   Clearance Dive Coordinator
Artificial Reefs of the Keys

“Bob recently retired as Director of the Diving Business Management program at Florida Keys Community College. FKCC has been a supporter and participant in the project from earliest days. Bob brings his academic and organizational expertise to the project, as well as his extensive network of contacts in the field. He is a coordinator of our safety clearance dive team who will survey the artificial reef immediately after deployment.”
  Mario Di Gennaro Mario Di Gennaro
Monroe County Commissioner

“Mayor Pro Tem Mario Di Gennaro grew up in Westchester County, NY, just north of New York City. He served in the US Army from 1964 to 1970 and was stationed in Germany, where he met his wife Margitta in 1967. They have two adult daughters and one granddaughter. Mayor Pro Tem Di Gennaro, having dived all over the world, first came to the Florida Keys in 1980 on a diving trip and fell in love with one of the last living reefs in the United States.”

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  Billy Causey, Ph.D. Billy Causey, Ph.D.   Southeast Regional Director
NOAA, Office of Natl. Marine Sanctuaries

“Billy Causey is the Southeast Regional Director for the National Marine Sanctuary Program of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Previously, he had managed National Marine Sanctuaries in the Florida Keys since 1983, when he became the Manager of the Looe Key National Marine Sanctuary. As the manager of this marine protected area he developed the education, science and enforcement programs and sustained an interagency partnership between the state and federal governments….”

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  Pat Clyne Pat Clyne   Former Vice President
Mel Fisher’s Treasures

“As chief videographer for Mel Fisher’s expeditions, Pat Clyne has been involved with the Atocha and Margarita recovery projects for over 35 years. A native of New York, Clyne began studying photography in 1966 while involved with aerial photo mapping and reconnaissance missions in the Foreign Technology Division of the U.S. Air Force. After attending the Coastal Diving Academy in New York, he teamed up with world famous Treasure Hunter Mel Fisher while on a shark hunting expedition to Key West.”

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  Joe Weatherby Joe Weatherby   Shipwrecker

“From early youth Joe had been involved with a marina that his father owned on the seacoast in New Jersey. He gave sailing lessons, went fishing, conducted repairs of vessels and was involved in the management of the business. After college he was part owner of Looker Diving in Key West. Looker offered the very cutting edge of SCUBA diving including wreck diving, reef diving, deep diving, and spear fishing.”
  Morgan McPherson Morgan McPherson   Former Key West Mayor
  Captain Bill Verge Captain Bill Verge   Former Key West City Commissioner

  Bill Horn Bill Horn   Marine Fisheries Biologist
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

”Bill Horn is currently a Fisheries Biologist III with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). He is a scientific diver within the Artificial Reef Section of the Division of Marine Fisheries Management based in Tallahassee and has been in this position for the last 19 years. He is responsible for performing reef dive assessments, managing artificial reef grant projects with local governments and non-profit organizations, tracking statewide artificial reef deployments and providing technical assistance for the state program stakeholders. He has previously worked for the Department of Environmental Protection and the Department of Natural Resources in Florida. He has two degrees from Florida State University in Marine Biology and Chemistry and is an active scuba dive instructor as well as Chairman of the FWC Dive Control Board. He is also a member of the Reef Environmental Education Foundation’s (REEF) Advisory Panel since 1997.”
  Lad Akins Lad Akins   Director of Operations
Reef Environmental Education Foundation, REEF

“Lad is the Founding Executive Director of REEF and led the organization in that capacity for 16 years, helping to design and develop the organization’s widely recognized marine conservation programs. In 2005, he changed his position in the organization to focus solely on the lionfish invasion. A professional diver and Coast Guard Captain, Lad has successfully bridged the gap between science, academia, management, commercial interests and the public. His broad perspective includes serving on numerous state, federal and international boards, panels and working groups, discovering and describing new species of fish, conducting research as an aquanaut in the Aquarius habitat and piloting deepwater submersibles. Lad has helped develop REEF’s marine life education and data collection programs and continues to lead numerous volunteer and research based projects each year. His focus as REEF’s Director of Operations is on addressing the lionfish invasion including developing and implementing research, outreach, training and control programs throughout the region. Lad has helped develop many of the lionfish programs and practices in place throughout the region and has co-authored and produced ‘The Lionfish Cookbook’ as a way to help educate stakeholders and encourage removals of invasive lionfish. This book represents a novel approach to addressing the invasion and is the result of the strong partnerships Lad has helped to align.”

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    Archie Marconi   Former Private 1st Class
Signal Corps
    Mac Monroe   Retired Mission Controller
USNS General Hoyt S. Vandenberg
    Patrick Utecht   Retired Ships Manager
USNS General Hoyt S. Vandenberg

“Patrick J. Utecht was born at Stillwater, MN during 1930. At various times, he attended the University of Minnesota and Monmouth College, New Jersey.

Employed by RCA after duty in the US Air Force (1952), he was assigned to instruct electronic (Radar) classes at Camp San Luis Obispo, CA and at Fort Monmouth, NJ, where he was the “leader” of a 75-man team of instructors. During the latter, he was chosen to develop and conduct training classes for RCA-developed automated launch system for the Atlas Missile Systems at Vandenberg AFB, CA, and other sites, before being named as a Project Engineer for major, precision tracking-radars.

Upon completion of that task, he was assigned (1964-1988) to be a Project Engineer at Patrick AFB, FL, with responsibility for the inertial navigation equipment, and its related support equipment, on the USNS Vandenberg and her sister-ship, the USNS H.H. Arnold. Later, he was re-assigned to be Project Engineer for the C-Band and UHF Radar system, the Data System, the Communications System and the Telemetry Systems. Upon deactivation of the Vandenberg, he was appointed as the “Acting Ship’s Manager” while she was in a partially-deactivated status at Fort Eustis, VA. He, and a team of technicians, were tasked to ensure that all electronic systems were maintained with full capabilities under the premise that the Vandenberg might be reactivated for other purposes. That assignment ended when she was retired during 1992. Additional, but similar duties as a Project Engineer were assigned for the USNS Observation Island, the successor ship to the Vandenberg (Cobra Judy program).

Pat retired during 1996.”
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