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Episode 1003: Lords of the Wetlands

American crocodiles are shy creatures, living in mangrove swamps and other brackish or saltwater habitats. The species occurs in 17 countries, from the southernmost tip of Florida, throughout the Caribbean and Central America, to Peru. And while American crocodiles are recovering in parts of their range, their future looks bleak in Jamaica. 

Habitat loss and poaching for meat have led to a drastic decline in the population. Most Jamaicans fear the reptiles, but dedicated scientists and conservationists are working hard to save the species through research, education, and conservation initiatives.

Among them are Jamaica’s Crocodile Man, the experts who rescue injured crocodiles and reach out to school groups to dispel common myths about the reptiles, and one committed individual who is working to create a crocodile refuge and sanctuary to protect key habitat in a remote part of the island.


Meet the experts featured in this episode.

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