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Season 13 Episodes

Recreational Shark Fishing: Collaborating for Conservation

Shore-based, catch and release shark fishing is a popular past time in Florida. But is it having a negative impact on sensitive shark populations? Scientists have teamed up with anglers to study the survival rates of the fish and conduct outreach on best practices.

Alvin: Pioneer of the Deep

The deep-sea submersible Alvin has brought explorers to extraordinary places for more than 50 years. Now, as Alvin is poised to continue its revolutionary scientific work, a new set of upgrades will take it deeper than ever before. 
A co-production with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

At the Water's Edge: The Salt Marsh

Along scenic coastlines in the South, waves of mesmerizing green and golden grass stretch to the horizon. This is the salt marsh - a part liquid, part solid landscape that is teeming with life. How do scientists study the salt marsh? And how resilient is it to climate change?

Habitats: The Key to Florida's Fisheries

Tarpon and snook are two of Florida’s most iconic game fish. Both species rely on mangrove creeks and ponds when they are juveniles. With half of the state’s mangroves lost to development, scientists employ creative solutions to restore and reconnect some of these important habitats to secure the future of the fisheries.

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