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Season 14

Vanishing Whales

Experts study declines in the number of humpbacks migrating between Alaska and Hawaiʻi.

Humpback Health

Scientists study the body size and health of humpback whales across their migratory cycle.

Kelp: Hidden Treasure of the Salish Sea

Experts are working to conserve and restore the Puget Sound’s declining kelp forests.

Saving Florida's Starving Manatees

Florida’s gentle giants are dying in record numbers.


Season 13

Recreational Shark Fishing: Collaborating for Conservation

Scientists work with shark anglers to study if recreational fishing is having an impact.


At the Water's Edge: The Salt March

Researchers study one of America’s iconic landscapes – the salt marsh.


Alvin: Pioneer of the Deep

Upgrades to the storied deep-sea submersible Alvin will take it deeper than ever before.
A Co-Production with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Habitats: The Key to Florida's Fisheries 

Scientists study and restore juvenile tarpon and snook habitat in Florida.


Season 12

Florida's Blue Holes: Oases in the Sea

Scientists explore mysterious blue holes scattered throughout the Gulf of Mexico.

A Decade After Deepwater

A decade after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, experts still study its harmful impacts.

Peru's Desert Penguins

Scientists study the adorable Humboldt penguins that nest along Peru’s desert coastline.

American Samoa's Resilient Coral Reefs

Experts study what makes American Samoa’s coral reefs more resilient than reefs elsewhere.

Season 11

The Cordell Bank: A National Treasure

Discover California’s Cordell Bank, a little-known ecological Eden.

Toxic Waters

Scientists study the various harmful algal blooms which are impacting Florida.

Corals in Crisis

Experts study a new disease that is devastating Florida’s fragile coral reefs.

Mystery of the Humpback Whale Song

Scientists in Hawaii study the purpose of humpback whale song.

Season 10

Dolphins: Breaking the Code

A scientist dedicates her career to studying wild dolphin communication in the Bahamas.

Cryptic Critters

Researchers investigate a tiny, non-native species on a shipwreck near Key West.

Lords of the Wetlands

Scientists and conservationists work together to save the American crocodile in Jamaica.

Fishing the Flats for Science

Experts study bonefish, tarpon & permit, the fishes coveted by fly anglers on the flats.

Season 9

The Future of Seafood

Scientists work with the private sector to develop sustainable offshore aquaculture.

Toxic Algae: Complex Sources and Solutions

Experts study the cause and effects of Florida’s toxic algal blooms.

The Fate of Carbon

Scientists study how increased levels of CO2 impact how carbon cycles through the seas.

Majestic Mantas

Scientists study manta rays in Mexico’s remote Revillagigedo Archipelago.

Season 8

Sponges: Oldest Creatures in the Sea?

Are sponges the oldest creatures in the sea? DNA research has cast doubt on that theory.

Manatees: Conserving a Marine Mammal

Each winter, scientists head to Crystal River, Florida, to study manatees gathered there.

Maug’s Caldera: A Natural Laboratory

The Maug Islands are a natural laboratory for scientists studying ocean acidification.

Beneath The Bridge

Florida’s Blue Heron Bridge is popular with divers because of its rich marine life.

Season 7

Sea Turtles: The Lost Years

Researchers are beginning to understand where sea turtles go during their “lost years."

Grand Cayman’s Famous Stingrays

Dr. Guy Harvey and his team study the impact of ecotourism on Cayman’s iconic stingrays.

Billfish: Battle on the Line?

Researchers study billfish in the eastern Pacific to protect the animals from overfishing.

The Secret Sex Life of Fish

Discover the unique ways some fish species change sex during their lifetime.

Season 6

Living Fossils

In the deep sea, strange flowerlike animals flourish in the dark.


Biggest Fish in the Sea

The world’s largest known gathering of whale sharks occurs just off the coast of Mexico.

Galápagos: Windows into the Future

Scientists study how climate change may impact corals in the Galapagos Islands.

Saving Sawfish

Scientists conduct research in South Florida to save the endangered Smalltooth Sawfish.

Season 5

Coral Hybrids

A scientist studies coral hybrids to see if they are hardier than their parents.


Sunken Stories

Underwater archaeologists scour the seafloor for clues to our maritime past.


Sponges: Oldest Creatures in the Sea?

Researchers study the fishes that live in the deep, cold waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Reefs of Rangiroa

Scientists are on a six-year mission to study remote coral reefs around the world.
A Co-production with the Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation.

Season 4

Tracking Tigers

Scientists use satellite tags and DNA forensic tools to track tiger sharks.


Mysterious Microbes

Scientists work to identify and link a devastating coral disease to a human pathogen.


Grouper Moon

The Cayman Islands are home to the last great reproductive population of grouper.


Coastal Carnivores

Scientists studying the coastal Everglades make some perplexing discoveries.
A Co-Production of Symbio Studios and WPBT2.

Season 3

Alien Invaders

In the waters of the Atlantic and Caribbean, a voracious alien predator has taken hold.

Reef Revival

Scientists are developing coral restoration techniques.

Prescription: Oceans

The oceans are part of America’s newest medical frontier.

After the Spill

What effects did the Gulf oil spill have on marine ecosystems in the region?

Season 2

No Fish Left Uncounted

The Changing Seas crew shadows a team of research divers in Dry Tortugas National Park.

Sentinels of the Sea

Take a look at the health of the bottlenose dolphin.

Seagrasses and Mangroves

Examine the important role seagrasses and mangroves play in the ocean’s web of life.

Sinking the Vandenberg

Explore the world’s second largest intentionally sunk shipwreck.

Season 1

Super Grouper

After being fished to near extinction, Goliath Groupers are making a comeback in Florida.

Mission to Inner Space

Scientists at the world’s only underwater lab study the impacts of ocean acidification.

Corals of the Deep

Scientists scan the ocean floor to find deep sea corals threatened by bottom trawling.

Farming the Sea

Scientists develop sustainable aquaculture methods to take the pressure off wild fish.