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Season 14 Episodes

Vanishing Whales

The humpback whale population that migrates between Hawaiʻi and Alaska is considered a conservation success story. When sightings of the animals suddenly dropped, people became concerned. Scientists in both locations are trying to understand what happened to the whales and why.

Kelp: Hidden Treasure of the Salish Sea

The kelp forests of the Puget Sound have long played an essential role in the local ecosystem as a habitat and food source. Today, this foundational species is in decline, but resource managers, scientists, tribal citizens, and advocates are working together to solve the mysteries of conserving and restoring kelp forests.

Humpback Health

How does the body size and overall health of humpback whales change across their migratory cycle? A team of researchers studying the animals, which spend part of the year feeding in Alaska and a few months fasting while in their Hawaiian breeding grounds, is making remarkable discoveries.

Saving Florida's Starving Manatees

Florida’s iconic sea cows are dying in record numbers. Years of declining seagrass beds have eliminated one of the gentle giants’ primary food sources. Now wildlife managers have taken the unprecedented step of feeding the animals, while scientists are in a race against time to restore the lost seagrass.

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