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Episode 1301: Recreational Shark Fishing: Collaborating for Conservation

Global shark populations have declined drastically since 1970, driven primarily by commercial overfishing. More recently scientists are also finding that recreational fishing has a greater impact on coastal shark populations in the United States than previously thought. Shark fishing from beaches, piers, and bridges is an increasingly popular activity in parts of the United States, and despite good intentions, catch and release does not guarantee the fish survives. 

Some experts study the behavioral and physiological responses of sharks being captured on a line. Other scientists collaborate with recreational anglers to better understand the effect the sport is having on sharks and rays, including endangered species such as great hammerhead sharks and manta rays.

What impact does shore-based fishing have on Florida’s shark and ray populations? How are scientists and anglers working together to protect these awe-inspiring animals from extinction?


Meet the experts featured in this episode.

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