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Episode 1303: Alvin: Pioneer of the Deep

The deep-sea submersible Alvin has brought researchers and explorers to extraordinary places for more than fifty years. Now, Alvin is poised to continue its revolutionary scientific work with a new set of upgrades that will take it deeper than ever before, with the ability to reach more than 98% of the ocean. How has the research conducted with the Alvin submersible impacted our understanding of the oceans? And what can Alvin’s incredible history of discovery, inspiration, and daring tell us about life on Earth and beyond?

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Meet the experts featured in this episode.

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Erin Koenig

Suzanne Pelisson 

Mark Guerrero

Keith Randall

Billy Smith

Liam Moran

Peter Koeppen

Peter Stonier

Zola Stoddard

Patricia Smith

Bethany Jones

Mary Stephans

Karen B. Cerka

Melissa Matchett

Saba Faridi

Susan Poulton

Ivan Hurzeler

Erik Cordes

Samantha Wishnak

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