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Episode 1402: Humpback Health

Humpback whales undertake some of the longest seasonal migrations in the animal kingdom. In the North Pacific, the distinct population that breeds in the Hawaiian Islands and feeds in Alaska and British Columbia, travels approximately 2500 – 3000 miles to get from one location to the other. While humpbacks can be found in Alaska year-round, their numbers drop significantly between November and April, when the majority of animals migrate south for varying lengths of time. 

The whales do not eat while they are on their Hawaiian breeding grounds, but instead are surviving off the energy stored in their blubber. Now scientists in Hawaiʻi and Alaska have teamed up to better understand how this prolonged period of fasting is impacting the animals’ body condition and overall health. How much energy are the animals spending on migrating, breeding, and nursing? And how does prey availability in their Alaskan feeding grounds impact their health and behavior?


Meet the experts featured in this episode.

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